UPS for NAS & Router


In small office or home environments, small servers and NAS systems are particularly at high risk of data loss through power outages. Routers as digital hub have to be protected by an uninterruptible power supply to ensure data access in network environments. The Protect B / NAS UPS from POWERTECH Industrial Corporations is especially designed to protect these important devices and to keep them running during power outages.





The installation of Smart Home components or an NAS system is primarily based upon a need for increased safety. So offers an NAS system protection against a single HDD failure and a Smart Home installation can even monitor the whole house.But many users forget that a power blackout is one of the most common incidents that can occur. Statistically, the probability of a disk failure is higher than a power outage or a burglary. The consequences however, are no less damaging.

That is why an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) should be a part of every security system. A UPS protects expensive equipment against surges and power outages, which can occur during electrical storms and damage sensitive electronics or cause data loss. A UPS ensures data transmission and provides reliable equipment shutdown. Additionally, depending upon the design,a UPS can store up to several hours of power to bridge a power failure, so that your data can still be accessed via a laptop or smart phone device. This is particularly important for small businesses and freelancers.

When choosing the right UPS, it is important that it can protect your most critical equipment. Today, the router has become a central element in a networked home. In the event of a router malfunction however, devices would be cut off and would no longer be able to communicate with each other, even if they have internal batteries. Therefore, you should be sure that your UPS provides adequate performance and has the correct number of outlets. The Protect B series from POWERTECH Industrial Corporations, offers a wide range of different models with up to 6 UPS-protected outlets as well as 2 extra secured outlets for additional protection against overvoltage.

The sensors of a Smart Home System are normally equipped with small batteries; however the base station still needs power as it is the central communication node. Thus, during a power failure, it would still be able to issue an SMS via a mobile network to instruct the user to take action.

For a NAS system, however, a power failure can also mean immediate data loss, even at short outages. In a RAID system,where read and write cycles are continuously performed, data is particularly at risk. Brief power interruptions usually cause the entire system to crash, resulting in lost or corrupted data, or even an entire disk failure. In the worst case the whole RAID array is corrupted, and all data is lost.

The new Protect NAS from POWERTECH Industrial Corporations has been optimized specifically for this purpose. In addition to its power protection against data loss, it provides especially for NAS systems, a much longer autonomy time than other UPS systems.This feature prevents the immediate shut down of the NAS system by providing up to 90 minutes of continued access to stored data.