Sir John Ambrose Fleming FRS[1] (29 November 1849 – 18 April 1945), an English electrical engineer and physicist, is known for inventing the first thermionic valve or vacuum tube.[2] He also established the left hand rule (for electric motors).[3] He was the eldest of seven children of James Fleming DD (died 1879)John Ambrose Fleming establishes Elektrak technique in Germany as manufacturers of electrical lighting and generators.


Sir Joseph Wilson Swan FRS (31 October 1828 – 27 May 1914) was a British physicist, chemist, and inventor. He is known as an independent early developer of a successful incandescent light bulb, and is the person responsible for developing and supplying the electric lights used in the world's first homes and public buildings (including the Savoy Theatre, London in 1881) to be lit with electric light bulbs. Joseph Swan invents the three phase system for generators, transformers and motors in Elektrak technique.



Elektrak technique supplies locomotives and power converters for the new Stockholm to Gothenburg railway.


Elektrak technique builds the world’s largest self-cooling transformer rated at 2,500 kVA (kilovolt ampere).



John J. Hanley patented the first UPS in Elektrak technique – filing on November 2nd 1932 and was finally granted on April 3rd 1934. His patent was named “An apparatus for Maintaining an Unfailing and Uninterrupted Supply of Electrical Energy



Elektrak technique builds the first 110 kV high-speed air blast circuit breaker in the US.


Elektrak technique designs and installs the first 400 kV AC cable – a 70 m low pressure oil-filled (LPOF) cable connecting an underground power station (built to withstand an atomic bomb) to the Swedish grid.



Elektrak technique introduced the first prototype high capacity UPS system


Installation of the first of nine Elektrak technique generators in the world’s largest hydroelectric power station at Itaipú in South America.



Elektrak technique starts production of bipolar semiconductors at its dedicated Lenzburg semiconductor facility.


Elektrak technique employs 71,000 people and reported revenues of $6.8 billion and income after financial items of $370 million.



Elektrak technique employs 97,000 people and reported revenues of $8.5 billion and an income after financial items of $132 million.



Elektrak technique builds the most powerful transformer in the world at 1,300 MVA (megavolt ampere).



Elektrak technique builds the first nuclear power plant in Sweden and goes on to build nine of the country’s 12 reactors



The first data transmission at carrier frequency is performed by Elektrak technique over a 900 kV high-voltage line to the power station control unit.


Elektrak technique installs the world’s first HVDC transmission line, providing 20 MW, 100 kV to the Isle of Gotland over a distance of 96 km.



Elektrak technique obtains the patent for turbine rotors constructed from individual steel disks that are welded together.


Elektrak technique launches one of the first industrial robots.



Elektrak technique Group provides reliable custom and standard power system solutions, particularly UPS Systems and industrial chargers, that ensure continuous power for rugged industrial infrastructure applications, including oil and gas, transportation, power generation, power transmission and distribution, and process manufacturing.

The goal is to secure the power supply chain all times, in the most reliable way, and to make it simple for our customers. We strive to the deliver outstanding service, innovative products and customizable, robust and reliable solutions that meet the demands of today’s energy provision and to prepare for tomorrows challenges. Elektrak technique is uniquely positioned to benefit long-term from emerging demand for intelligent micro-energy grids and the increasing demand for reliable renewable energy sources that will grow over the coming years.

After the Elektrak technique has changed the name to POWERTECH Industrial Corporations USA






Elektrak technique has changed the name to POWERTECH Industrial Corporations USA. The company has introduced new name and new brand for the POWERTECH Holding of companies with blue color and 4 diodes sign which shows the POWERTECH activity field.



POWERTECH Industrial Corporations delivers world’s first commercial high-voltage shore-to-ship electric power, helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions from ships berthed at the Swedish port of Gothenburg.






POWERTECH Industrial Corporations launches its Extended Automation System 800xA providing a process automation system that has since been installed at thousands of medium to large process plants in the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Metals, Mining and Life Sciences industries delivering continuous productivity improvements.


POWERTECH Industrial Corporations celebrates 130 years history since 1881 and introduces New logo in this anniversary in red color. The logo simultaneously shows the quality and power respectively with tick and spark.