1,Good anti deep discharge performance for on grid and off grid solar system:
2,Electrolyte: gel state, no stratification of electrolyte, the battery cycle performance; low electrolyte density, slow to grid corrosion, long battery float life;
3,Plate: radial rib design, the paste type active material, high-current discharge performance;
4,separator: special gel battery separators for on grid and off grid solar system, internal resistance, high porosity, and long service life;
5,Excess electrolyte design: the carrier liquid electrolyte volume high, filled with plates, partitions and the housing cavity, battery heat, and less prone to thermal runaway;
6,Colloidal tight coated plate group: prevent the active material shedding.
*More specifics and detailed product features or other custom feature, pls contact with our R&D department, those specifications are subject to communication.