•  The temperature of your rack is always under control         

• High Mean time Between Failure(MTBF)




• Patent maintenance free roller type carbon brush

• Individual regulation with unique small dimension





• Use advanced digital control board

• High Performance ARM chip control 



• Start up delay to prevent over current inrush 

• Indoor or outdoor version on request




 • Wheels mounted for easy installation

 • Maximum capacity up to 5000KVA  



• Reliable and low noise  AC servo motors

• Extremely wide voltage regulation range


















input / output
Input Voltagethree phase: 380V±20% The other input voltage range and rated voltage can be custom designed.
Output Voltagethree phase: 380V±1-5%
Supply Frequency50/60Hz
Insulation Resistance≥2MΩ
Voltage Regulation ModeIndependent phase regulationfor three phase
Waveform Distortionnil
Insulation ClassH class
Method of Voltage RegulationRegulation transformer with servomotor
Insulated StrengthThree phase: 2500V/1 min without puncture
Efficiency>97% on full load
Overload RatingWithstand 200% overload in short time
Protection classIP20(indoor), outdoor type on request
Electrical safetyCE equivalent
Operational Temperature-20 °C to +45 °C
FunctionsPower-on style, Malfunction protection, Short-circuit protection, Lack of phase protection, Over voltage shutdown, Under voltage shutdown, Safe start