1、Dual-CPU control;

2 、Super wide input voltage range, strong ability to adapt to the environment;

3 、Stable output voltage(pure sine wave output);

4 、LCD display with simple content;

5、 Intelligent battery management, prolonging the service life of the battery;

6、 Complete protection function, high reliability;

7、 Silence function;

8、 With RS-232/USB computer communication interface can carry out automatic archiving, shutdown and monitor management status of UPS asintelligent monitoring function.

9、Dual Seprated Charger with 7Amps and 15Amps of current



Capacity1000VA // 1500VA // 3000VA // 4000VA // 5000VA
Voltage Range145-275VAC
Frequency Range(48-54Hz (50Hz
Power Factor>0.7
Voltage Range220/240VAC
Frequency Range50±0.05Hz
Overload Capability110%shut down within 60sec // 120%shut down within 5sec
WaveformPure Sine Wave
Backup Time (Half Load)-
Backup Time (Full Load)-
Charge Current (Standard Unit)-
Charge Current (Long Time Unit)-
Communication Interface
Parallel Port-
LCD Indication-
Noise Level-
Storage Temperature-
Standard Unit Net / Gross Weight (kg)19.8 // 21.4 // 26.6 // 32.7 // 41.5
Long Time Unit Net / Gross Weight (kg)21.8 // 23.4 // 28.6 // 34.7 // 43.5
Dimension (W×D×H) (mm)455*195*330 2000-5000 // 405*145*220 1000-1500
Packing (W×D×H) (mm)475*215*350 2000-5000 // 425*165*240 1000-1500