Company Mission And Values


POWERTECH Industrial Corporations U.S.A delivers innovative and highly reliable power solutions associated to outstanding services that meets the demand of today's energy supply and prepare tomorrow's challenges. POWERTECH Industrial Corporations U.S.A  is uniquely positioned to benefit long term from emerging demand for smart micro-grids, combined with the increasing need for renewable energy provision that will grow over the coming years. Our vision, in that perspective, is to become the leader for innovative power management solutions in the green energy revolution.


POWERTECH Industrial Corporations U.S.A  delivers premium  power solutions to the world through its specific values of innovation, respect, accountability, reliability and ethical business behavior.

Innovation has been at the core of POWERTECH Industrial Corporations U.S.A  since its founding. As we continue to innovate – technically, technologically and in every facet of our professional lives – we continually seek new ways to serve customers and conduct business in a better fashion. In terms of our products and services, our business strategies and processes, our interactions with all our stakeholders, we constantly seek innovative ideas, approaches, methods and solutions 

We respect all our internal and external stakeholders as well as our professional partners and industry peers. Both internally and externally, we respect each individual’s professional needs and aspirations, always taking into account such diverse considerations as culture, gender, job status and professional responsibilities as well as each stakeholder’s health, safety and well-being.

We take responsibility for our actions and behavior, recognizing that we should be held accountable for everything we say and everything we do professionally. We are each accountable to all of our internal and external stakeholders, including co-workers, management, customers and business partners.

Beyond the reliability of our products, reliability infuses all of our business encounters, both inside and outside the company. As reliable professionals, we always respect and deliver on our commitments. We do what we say we will do.

Ethical business behavior 
Every POWERTECH Industrial Corporations U.S.A  employee commits to follow the highest standards for ethical behavior in all professional dealings. This involves understanding and committing to respect not only the letter but the spirit of the company code of conduct. Also, it means we comply unfailingly with any and all external regulations, standards and legislation everywhere we do business.