Energy Storage & Distribution


Hydrogen is used to produce energy, which is then re-injected into the grid when required.

Power grids with a high share of renewable energy sources have a massive fluctuating power injection, which needs to be balanced by battery energy storage.

This business case shows the advantages of a battery energy storage system combined with a power-to-heat (PTH) solution for primary control reserve (PCR).

POWERTECH has a demonstration installation at its factory in Colorado, including PV Installations, combined heat & power station, battery energy storage and energy management.

The stability of a power island system is guaranteed at all times through the usage of battery storage and a converter, which is based on an uninterruptable power supply technology platform.

Battery Energy Storage solutions for load leveling and peak shaving in load control application

Battery Energy Storage solutions for scheduled power production, peak shaving & shifting and ramp rate control at power generation applications

Battery Energy Storage solutions for frequency & voltage regulation and increasing grid capacity for grid operation applications